5 Micro-habits We Swear By: Improve Your Home & Living

Maintaining a beautiful, organized home can be a lot of work: Washing the dishes, arranging your vanity, co-ordinating your wardrobe, clearing your desk...? Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Be that as it may, a pile of accumulated clutter that is waiting to be tidied up causes way more stress than you think. Don't wait until it gets in the way of your day!

Here are 5 Micro-Habits we abide to regularly that makes all the difference. Adopt and apply them day-to-day to make changes to your home even before you know it. 



Ft. 15 Grids Clear Cosmetic Organizer

A lipstick in the kitchen? What a strange place to find it! The golden rule of being organized is to have a rightful place for everything. If your items do not have a home, they will stay laying around the house. Assign a space for each item and put them back where they belong once you are done with them. This micro-habit, that only takes a second to do, will help to keep your home mess-free instantly!


Ft. (Pink) Mini Table Top Waste Bin

The "1-Minute Rule" refers to completing a task right then and there if it takes you (less than) one minute to do it. Be it washing your mugs or disposing that mountain of snack wrappers into the bin, don't let the small stuff pile up! Overtime, you'll even find yourself to be more productive and proactive when it comes to cleaning up.


Ft. Ivory White Storage Box

Store everything in reach and in order. This does not only help you to save time by finding things exactly when you need them, they also appear immaculate on your shelves at one glance. Compartmentalise all your essentials according to their uses or priority and place them in uniformed storage boxes for neat and clean look!


Ft. Mesh Linen Rectangular Fabric Laundry Basket

You'd be surprised how it takes only a few pieces of clothing to make your home appear dirty and messy. Luckily, this can be sorted once you pick them off the floor and give them a temporary home on hooks behind doors or simply hide them in attractive laundry baskets. In just seconds, you'll no longer find yourself wading through a sea of laundry or clutter.


Ft. Matte Trash Bin 

Apart from your everyday waste, practice tossing out at least two things everyday that you don't love, use or need in your home anymore. Letting go of items that no longer serve you will decrease build up of clutter, keeping your home spacious and tidy at all times. The best thing is, your organized home will now only be filled with things that are meaningful and valuable to you.

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