From Breakfast to Supper: Prepare Meals Under 30 Mins

Basic kitchen staples are every kitchen's need to easily whip up a home-cooked meal or explore a new world of recipesAny time you're hungry, here are 5 Easy Recipes we found that you can follow that are mostly prepared using pantry staples so you can satisfy your hunger in under 30 minutes!

1. Simple Berry-Bliss Breakfast Oatmeal 

Image & Recipe Courtesy of YoRipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but if you're hitting snooze too many times or have many other errands to run in the morning before work, having a bowl of Oatmeal with Greek Yogurt and Frozen Berries can be just as wholesome as a complete English Breakfast to gear you up for the rest of the day.

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2. 5-Ingredient Minced Chicken/Pork Porridge

Image & Recipe Courtesy of Noob Cook

Are you caught up in meetings when you're working from home or feeling lethargic while trying to complete your long list of tasks for the day? This easy-to-prepare Minced Meat Porridge may just help you get through the midday slump.

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3. Very Easy Nutella Brownies

Image & Recipe Courtesy of Klook

Tea time is never complete without a sweet treat. If you want something easy and delicious to go with your coffee or tea, these Nutella Brownies will definitely hit the sweet spot. (They're perfect as a gift or dessert too!)

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4. Quick-to-Make Egg Fried Rice

Image & Recipe Courtesy of Straits Times

The revival of leftovers, a classic home-cooked dish, a takeaway favourite; Never go wrong with a simple meal like Egg Fried Rice! Delicious, light and fluffy, it's not only perfect to prepare at any time of the day but just something everyone loves.

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5. 8-Min Zhng-ed Maggi (As seen on TikTok)

Image & Recipe Courtesy of Shopee

Scrolling through TikTok at midnight has made our tummy rumble so we thought we'd share how the viral Zhng-ed Instant Noodles satisfied our hunger like normal Maggi never did before!

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From dry goods to refrigerated items, it's important to keep them fresh and organized in the kitchen to help you know what is running out and what is going bad so you can whip up something delicious as and when you wish to. 

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