4 Satisfying Organization Games to Quench Your Need for Tidiness

From time to time, we all need to take a break from tidying and organizing. Yet, the result of a good clean out is the satisfaction we crave for. Here's how you can get the best of both worlds!

We found 4 Satisfying Home Organization Games that would quench your need for tidiness (and we're also going to rate them)!

So while you're mindlessly scrolling, online shopping, taking a break or unwinding, you're welcome to join in the fun while you're here -- Let's go!

1. Fill The Fridge

Image Courtesy of APKPure

Starting off with a friendly favourite of ours, Fill The Fridge allows you to simulate organizing real life home essentials such as groceries, makeup and daily necessities into fridge organizers, shelves and dividers. 

Unlock new items, bonus levels, makeover features and enjoy the satisfying ASMR and gentle vibration from the game as you fill up fridges and drawers!


Image Courtesy of APKPure

The best part? There are no right or wrong placements for these essentials, as long as you can fit everything into the available allocated spaces. A mobile in-app game that doesn't require much thinking, enjoy the pure happiness of organizing and the pleasure of seeing everything placed neatly by the end of each level!

Just watch out for some in-game advertisements that may interrupt your momentum, unless you'd like to claim extra perks such as new items, a free space or even a chance to redo a timed challenge!

Satisfaction Level of Organization: 8/10


2. A Little To The Left

Image Courtesy of Games Hub

For those who love a good puzzle game, A Little to the Left might just be the one for you. Apart from following a story through the game, chapter by chapter, it gets your brain into gear as it invites you to correct misalignments, unriddle complex situations and arrange scattered objects without instructions from different categories around the home.

Image Courtesy of Games Hub

Contrary to Fill The Fridge, there are specific allocations for these objects that need tidying and it's up to you to figure out the solutions! Albeit the slight brain cracking, its adorably drawn visuals and unique organization sound effects are very warm and welcoming.

There's also a side quest option named, Daily Tidy, where you can complete the puzzle of the day within the span of 12 hours until you can unlock a new one!

Satisfaction Level of Organization: 9/10 


3. Unpacking

Image Courtesy of Official Unpacking Game

Step into the life of a young protagonist (without actually seeing them) and go through every major phase of life together while moving from one apartment to another as they grow up in Unpacking

Image Courtesy of Official Unpacking Game

Unravel an incredible storyline as you unpack the protagonist's meticulously detailed new and old essentials from multiple cardboard boxes each level and organise them neatly around the rooms. From the kitchen to the bedroom, immerse yourself in organizing within a fairly liminal and thought-provoking space that is accompanied by comforting melodies and soothing sound effects. 

Similar to A Little to the Left, you can play this game all over again to look for alternative solutions once you've completed it! Though, the story plot remains the same.

Satisfaction Level of Organization: 7.5/10


4. Decor Life

Image Courtesy of Level Winner

Likely to be inspired by UnpackingDecor Life is the prolonged version of it. Akin to Fill The Fridge, this game contains stages of unpacking and organizing, alongside levels of furnishing quests to complete.

Taking you into an ambitious world of Home Decoration, Organization, Renovation and Interior Design all packed into one, live a new homeowner's dream come true!


Image Courtesy of Level Winner

Apart from being able to organise toys, pots and pans, and daily home essentials, you can also unlock new levels, exclusive locations and the opportunity to makeover homes for VIPs!

As it is also a mobile in-app game, do expect to watch in-game advertisements to enjoy or claim extra perks that will help you level up faster.

Satisfaction Level of Organization: 8.5/10 


Wow! As the year comes to a close, we're all looking forward to relax and recharge. Do the things you love, shop and have a feast --  Leave the actual cleaning or organizing for later and spend some time with your loved ones or yourself this holiday.

Do you know other satisfying Home Organization games? We'd love to snuggle up in our beds and play them with you too!