White Magic Eco Cloth Tea Towel - Pebble
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White Magic Eco Cloth Tea Towel - Pebble

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The White Magic Eco Cloth Tea Towel is a must have staple for every kitchen as it absorbs four times faster than a standard tea towel meaning you spend less time cleaning. Made from a blend of polyester & polyamide, this tea towel is light & soft using electro-static energy to attract dirt from surfaces with the capillary vacuum power to attract & hold the dirt when it comes in contact with water. Perfect for allergy sufferers too.

Designed for home use, it makes wiping off small messes fairly easy and quick for everyone in the family.



  • Size : 70*50cm
  • Colour: Pebble
  • Easy to wash by hand and is machine washable
  • Excellent for drying large objects or delicate dishes, super absorbent
  • Absorbent and will not leave smears, streaks or water marks
  • Dries 4x faster than a cotton tea towel
  • Lint free drying
  • Removes 99.9% bacteria
  • 500x machine washes
  • Wash with other non linting fabrics with small amount of washing detergent
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Do not use Fabric Softener, bleah or tumble dry
  • Suitable for drying dishes only and not recommended for removing items from the oven. Due to the unique microfibre construction keep the item away from sources of heat